Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"So honored to say, we, here at All American Auto Service, Prescott Valley, AZ, were the first auto repair shop to install OnGuard Engine Oil, exclusively from the 1st Day we opened on April 3rd, 2017.
Chuck & Carol run a first-class operation. And, put out a quality product that we are proud to say we put in our customers cars and trucks. Our customers in return notice the difference in their vehicles. They return a little less often for oil changes, but they are sure to come back to us because of it. The OnGuard Team has exceeded our expectations from the beginning and continues to go above and beyond to keep our drums full of their premium quality OnGuard Engine oils and ATF Fluid.
Chuck is a very pleasant and highly intelligent man. He truly cares that we succeed! They make us feel like family and that is how we like our customers to feel about us, too.

We would also like to thank Jeff, the Onguard representative. He has been our sales rep for a couple years and carries out the quality service of the OnGuard Engine Products company. Always going above and beyond to make sure we have what we need. Jeff has exceptional communication skills and a pleasure to have around the shop. I make it a point to introduce Jeff to the end users of the OnGuard Products, my hard-earned customers. Jeff has become more than just a representative of OnGuard Engine Oil Products, I’m also glad to call him a good friend after getting to know him these past few years.
It’s a Great Product and OnGuard is a great team!
All American Auto Service. God Bless!!!"

All American Auto Service
(928) 772-2721
8798 E. Valley Road
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"To whom it may concern,
Just wanted to give a 5 star review to Mr. Chuck Tanko and the team at OnGuard engine oil company… From the start, Brad our sales representative, has always been Johnny on the spot with all our needs… I truly love the consignment program that they have, it works amazingly to help with cash flow and helps maintain a positive balance in the working capital account at all times… Needless to say, we enjoy the $10 rebate for every oil change as well… I also love the idea that the company is veteran-owned and American made… We have been using the company for almost a year and have had zero complaints from our customers about the product… Great product, great service!
Thank you so much Onguard team for everything you do for us, we do appreciate it! Happy holidays! We are very excited about the coming year…!"

Airpark Auto Clinic
(480) 922-0859
8135 E. Butherus Drive #A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"November 2019, Adrenaline Performance in Mesa AZ tested the performance of our oil on their dynamometer. This is a great shop and is very well reviewed by their customers.
First, using their standard oil (Motul), they made 5 hard dyno runs to establish a baseline measurement. Their racing bike showed 113 HP in those runs.
Then, they switched to Onguard Engine Oil 10w-40 Full Synthetic (with the JASO additive for wet clutch applications) and ran more tests. With the Onguard Oil, their tests showed an increase of 4 horsepower, from JUST an oil change, showing the superior performance you can expect from Onguard Engine Oil.
Now, don’t you want some?"

Adrenaline Performance in Mesa AZ


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"We have used Onguard products for two years we do several fleet companies cars that drive a lot, since we have used Onguard Oil we always had good compliments about it like “what you use is great my car feels better ” I do recommend 100% I use it on my personal vehicles, Brad our sales representative is also on top of our inventory THANKS so much for all the great service. Also prices are unbeatable on the market 👍"

DR Car Services LLC
(602) 788-0504
20031 N. Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85024


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"We LOVE On guard products! Brad is the best! Always so nice and helpful. Our customers have literally called a week after an oil change and asked if we have found a new magic juice for their car because they are running like new. On my own 02 Yukon (with 260k) I had the famous GM cold start tick and it disappeared after my first oil change!!! We will NEVER go to any other product. THANK YOU ON GUARD!"

Hurley Family Auto Repair LLC
(623) 878-0351
10824 N. 96th Ave Suite #1
Peoria, AZ 85345


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"ON GUARD products are the best! ON GUARD’S service is the best by far! I am 58 years old and have been at this business since I was a young man. I myself have a 2004 Yukon that used to have the famous tick that GM’s have. After using ON GUARD oil I no longer have the ticking noise! I will NEVER use any other product and On guard is the best oil vendor I have had in 35 years. GOD BLESS YOU, ON GUARD !!! Sincerely Dan Groman, owner operator of King Automotive Repair."

King Automotive Repair
(623) 933-4990
10002 W. Sante Drive
Sun City, AZ 85351


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"We have used On Guard engine oil from the day we opened. How does it get any better than a Grade 5 oil priced the same or lower than the cheapest bulk crap out there with a Rep that comes in 2-3 times a month to check in? It doesn’t. Our rep Brad is amazing. Anybody that wants to learn the art of customer service should learn from him. The delivery is great and so is the product! Will only use On Guard."

Landmark Auto & Diesel Repair
(602) 371-3402
9051 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"We have been using On Guard products for the last year. We love the consignment program! The rebate program brings the cost inline with other suppliers (of lesser quality fluids!). Brad has been great as our sales rep! He stops in regularly and keeps things moving. Thanks!"

(623) 580-4777
2222 W. Deer Valley Rd Bldg. B
Phoenix, AZ 85027


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"This stuff speaks for itself and does not require a review. I switched to onguard about a year ago and have been very happy with my choice to switch Everyone has their own opinion about oil. I have been an ASE certified mechanic for over 30yrs I will use no other oil in any of my vehicles other than the Onguard Oil"

Phoenix Auto Works
(602) 918-7135
401 W. Deer Valley Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85027


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"We have been using all OnGuard engine oil products for about 1 year and are very satisfied with the quality of the product. Our rep Brad is very pleasant and comes to check up on our products 2-3 times per month. We are extremely pleased with the service and love the rebate program. OnGuard is the best and we will not switch products. THANK YOU OnGuard and Brad."

R & J Automotive
(623) 977-1933
12440 N. 103rd Avenue
Sun City, AZ 85351


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"Flat out this is just AMAZING oil. I own an older 1995 V-6 Isuzu Rodeo that I purchased brand new. I love my truck, but it has an annoying hydraulic lifter tick that started at about 80K miles. . my rodeo now has 176k miles. I have tried every type of oil brand in both regular and synthetic oil along with various oil additives and the tick never goes away. I started using this oil a few months ago and I am amazed that the tick has gone away completely. Keep in mind, I am only using Onguard Synthetic Oil with no additives. I did some research and the reason Onguard Engine Oil works so well is because of the proprietary mixture that is simply amazing. You really should try this oil. You will not be disappointed."


Onguard Engine Oil Inc.

"I currently use the Onguard 15 W 40 diesel oil in my Dodge Ram Cummins and I can HONESTLY say my truck runs smoother, gets better gas mileage, and extends my drain intervals. In fact, I like this oil so much I recently purchased a 55-gallon drum of it! Great oil, will use nothing else."