Universal Onguard B-1 ATF – Case




12 Quarts Per Case

Onguard B-1 M/D III Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated from select highly refined base oils with a specially balanced additive combination. This product has outstanding high temperature oxidation resistance, dispersion, and detergency; offers excellent protection against corrosion, wear, and rust; and is compatible with the various automatic transmission components such as elastomeric seals and plastic parts. It contains special friction modifiers that provide the smooth lockups required by automatic transmissions.

Onguard B-1 M/D III Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid is recommended for use in most types of automatic transmissions. This generally includes all transmissions before 2005 except those which specify Ford M2C33-F (Type F) fluids. It may also be used in Allison automatic transmissions that require C-4 fluids, Caterpillar transmissions requiring TO-2 performance, Ford M2C138-CJ, M2C166-H and GM Dexron III G/H specifications.

Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for fluid type.


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