Universal Full Syn. B-2 ATF – Case




12 Quarts Per Case

Onguard B-2 Low Viscosity Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid Is specifically designed to work in a wide variety of automatic transmissions. OnGuard Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid uses high quality synthetic base stocks along with state-of-the-art additive technology to create a high-quality multifunctional product. In general, synthetic oils show an improvement in the areas of thermal stability and low temperature properties over conventional mineral based products. The low viscosity formulation has been extensively field tested to demonstrate the fluids compatibility in a variety of types and brands of automatic transmissions. This fluid provides excellent protection from wear, sludge buildup, and corrosion in the transmission.

Onguard B-2 Low Viscosity Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid is suitable for use in many types of transmissions including transmissions requiring a Dexron® VI, Mercon® LV, or Toyota WS fluid. Not for use continuously variable transmissions. Ford and MERCON are registered Trademarks of the Ford Motor Company. This is not a licensed Ford product. DEXRON® is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation. This is not a licensed General Motors product.

Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations for fluid type.


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